Crypto Casinos In Canada: Casino Legends Online Guide

Gambling with cryptocurrency is one of the latest innovations in blockchain and online gambling. Find out more about the ever-growing crypto gambling scene with Canadian online casinos now embracing Bitcoin as a payment method. Find out which casinos accept Bitcoin in Canada and which cryptocurrencies can be used for online gambling.

Top Crypto Casinos in Canada 2024



€450 + 250 Free Spins

Payment method

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Cashback up to 25% + spin on the Bitcoin Wheel

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Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin vs Traditional Online Casinos

If it comes down to a winner, it all depends on what your particular online gambling needs are. If you are into highly volatile gambling that provides you with an extra layer of a win/lose situation, cryptocurrency casinos could potentially become your go-to option. If, however, you love the entertainment factor of relaxing with casino games or the immersive feeling of live table games where you can win real money to transfer to your debit card, then the latter may be your best option.


Crypto Casino Pros

  • Full Anonymity
  • High-end Security
  • Extravagant Promotions

Crypto Casino Cons

  • Not supported by many casinos
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Highly Volatile with value fluctuations

Traditional Online Casino Pros

  • Readily available throughout the world
  • Well-known banking options that any beginner online casino player can use
  • Regulated by very reputable government authorities

Traditional Online Casino Cons

  • Personal information is required for KYC
  • Security is not on par with crypto casino
  • Transaction fees from banks and financial providers

Types of Cryptocurrencies for Online Casinos in Canada

Cryptocurrencies have become vastly popular for their dedicated focus on online security and anonymity. With the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, the world saw an almost immediate increase in more cryptocurrencies being created to challenge Bitcoin. Below, you can find information on different cryptocurrencies available for use on most online casinos in Canada. Availability will, however, depend on the online casino you are using.



Bitcoins is by far the most popular cryptocurrency for both online gambling and investments and has been the go-to choice since its formation. What makes Bitcoin one of the most popular options is the fact that its value is consistently growing, making it worthwhile to hope for larger returns once you withdraw your winnings. Other than being one of the wisest options to consider for value, Bitcoin also outweighs many cryptocurrencies with security, anonymity, and liquidity.



Ethereum is popular for online casino banking as it has a competitively sufficient digital wallet system that has convenience as its main benefit, together with security. The Ethereum platform is well known for its safe and secure blockchain use. Furthermore, one of the best advantages of playing casino games with Ethereum is that many Ethereum-exclusive games cannot be played with other currencies. These exclusive games will, however, only be available on certain online casinos.



Litecoin was one of the first Bitcoin alternatives and still provides leverage for online casino players in Canada looking to add more return value to their withdrawals. Litecoin was practically designed to hold value to its rarity. Bitcoin is, however, still at the top of the list of most popular casino payment methods in cryptos due to a more consistent upward trajectory of value. Litecoin can be found at all of Canada’s most trusted crypto-friendly casinos and can be a great option for deposits and withdrawals with fast processing.



BitcoinCash makes it easy for online casino players to make smaller deposits and withdrawals due to its lower value per coin ratio. This makes it easy for players who are not interested in roller games to make deposits in their budget while still benefiting from cryptocurrency returns. BitcoinCash and Bitcoin operate under the same set of rules with the same consensus mechanism on the same secured network, making it a rising cryptocurrency option for smaller online payments.

What to Consider Before Gambling on Crypto Casinos

First thing is first, join a reputable online casino approved by Casino Legends that provides you with a variety of cryptocurrency options that include well-known crypto, such as Bitcoin. If you are looking into gambling with cryptocurrency on online casinos in Canada and you already have a crypto wallet, you can simply consider the following factors before getting started.


Licenced and Regulated?

All online casinos, whether operating with crypto or cash currencies, should be licenced and regulated by the appropriate authorities. In Canada, the casino will have to be licenced by the Canadian Gaming Association or other internationally recognized authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao.


Legal in Your Country?

Not all countries have legalized cryptocurrencies as legal gambling currencies. This is because crypto is not regulated as well as other currencies. You should consider whether your country deems it legal or not. Luckily, in Canada, crypto casinos are legal. Places where crypto casinos are not legal include the US, UK, and Netherlands.



There are risks involved with cryptocurrency due to the value being extremely volatile. This means that even if you withdraw the same amount you deposited, you may have more or maybe less than you initially ”invested”.


How to Cash-Out Crypto Wins from Casinos?

If you have won enough BTC or other cryptocurrencies to be able to make a withdrawal, you can easily get started. Although different from withdrawing cash to bank accounts and e-wallets, the process of withdrawing your crypto from online casinos is still easy. You will simply need to comply with the casino minimum withdrawal limit, must have made a previous deposit, fulfilled wagering, and finally have a Bitcoin or other crypto wallet.


Crypto Wallet

Crypto wallets are a necessity; as a matter of fact, you cannot have a Bitcoin or other crypto account without a digital wallet. Crypto wallets enable you to make transactions with your cryptocurrency to and from online casinos. To withdraw any winnings, you will simply need to load your crypto wallet address to your casino profile or the cashier section form where you are withdrawing from. By providing your wallet address, your winnings will be directed straight to your specified location. Always check your wallet address twice to avoid losing any winnings due to providing the wrong information.


How Long Does a Casino Take to Process Crypto?

Generally speaking, online casinos will take up to 48 hours to process your crypto withdrawal but may only take around 24 hours. It all depends on the amount and the online casino that you are withdrawing from. This is on par with most online casinos in Canada, taking up to 3 days to process withdrawals from other payment methods such as debit cards and e-wallets.

Are Cryptocurrency Casinos Legal in Canada?

Cryptocurrency casinos are legal in Canada as long as the online casino is regulated and licensed by an official gambling authority. By accessing online casinos such as BitStarz, you can look forward to popular game titles to play with your desired cryptocurrency. Some countries do, however, forbid online casinos that accept crypto as a form of payment to operate in their jurisdiction. This should be considered if you are travelling abroad, yet if you reside in Canada, you can join a cryptocurrency online casino for some of the best entertainment online.


Crypto Casino FAQ

  • Is it safe to gamble with crypto casinos?

    Yes. Some crypto casinos are among the most popular casinos for players looking to explore a new means of gambling online. Crypto has long been one of the most popular means of financial investment and has now become standard with many gambling platforms.

  • Is crypto online casinos legal?

    Not everywhere. Luckily, in Canada, it is legal to gamble on online casinos with cryptocurrency. Some countries where it is not legal for cryptocurrency casinos to operate include the UK, USA, Netherlands, and many others. This is mainly due to cryptocurrency not being regulated, as well as real money currencies.

  • How can I find legit crypto gambling sites?

    Legit crypto online casinos do exist and are available depending on where you are playing. You can visit any of the online casinos recommended by us to see if they accept cryptocurrency or not and what their licensing and regulation status is. As one of the leading cryptocurrency casinos in the world, BitStarz stands as a legitimate and reputable option for Canadian players.

  • What games can be played at Bitcoin and crypto online casinos?

    Bitcoin and crypto online casinos have, among others, the most popular online casinos found on most online casinos. These games are provided by reputable game providers such as Microgaming, Betsoft, and NetEnt. The games available from crypto casinos will depend on the online casino you are playing from.

  • Do I have to pay taxes on my Bitcoin winnings?

    Gambling winnings are generally not taxed in Canada, Australia, and the UK. Canadian gamblers can look forward to tax-less casino winnings through gambling with cryptocurrency in regulated casinos. If gambling is, however, your only source of income, you may need to pay taxes on all winnings withdrawn from the casino.